Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Werewolf

Helo readers and fans, I am back again for another scary ghost story. This time I am going to tell you a true story related to me by my husband. This incident happened at his workplace, and was related to him by one of the night guards. So get ready guys, get your little cup of popcorn and cuddle around some accompanies, because you might get goose-bumps if you read this alone...

This spooky incident happened in a boarding school, where my husband worked. This particular night guard had been working there for more than five years, and many scary things had happened to him. But this was one of his scariest experience he would never forget.

That night, Ali (the nightguard's nickname) reported for duty as usual. His age was around mid-twenties, and he's not married yet. He had a fond to girls, and it's natural for a young man his age. Especially when he was then searching for his not-yet-found soulmate.

Ali had a companion that night. Every night, two guards were required to report for duty. After the clock stroke 12 midnight, the rounding shift began and that was when all the spookiest adventures would start to happen.

That night, Ali felt as if he had a strange mood. He felt happier, and somewhat cheerful even though the clock ticked almost to 12 midnight. Usually Ali was never fond of his rounding shift, because deep down in his heart he always knew that he's a coward. He didn't like the feeling when all hair on his arms stood on ends when he felt different during shifts.

So, for the first round immediately after the clock stroke midnight, Ali let the other night guard make his rounding. Ali volunteered to do the second rounding shift, which started at 2:00 a.m.

The first round went by without any difficulties or strange happenings. Then it was Ali's turn, and he walked calmly towards the old and spooky buildings.

The rounding shift took two hours, and Ali's duty was to make spot checks on all the buildings and areas of the whole hostel. His obligation was to go through each place and make a meticulous observation for any extraordinary activities or happenings at the place. Usually he would make sure there were no mischievous students hiding at the academic blocks for certain intentions.

During shifts, Ali would always bring with him his clock. The clock must be locked in by keys which could only be found at certain points in the buildings. Altogether there were 13 keys chained at 13 points throughout the buildings. Ali must make sure all 13 keys are inserted into his clock within that 2 hours to mark a proof that he actually made his rounds.

Ali walked to his first post, the academic building. He walked slowly, observing every class for any moving shadows or anything weird. His eyes were trained to be like that, because there were so many incidents of students sneaking in classrooms and did so many mischievous things such as clubbing, smoking and playing poker.

So far, nothing unusual caught his attention. So Ali walked through class by class, in the darkness and only accompanied by his clock, a walkie-talkie and a middle-sized torchlight. At the end of the block was the first key waiting to be inserted into the clock.

Ali moved confidently towards the key and grabbed it as soon as he was there. He quickly inserted the key into his clock's key-hole, and marked the first proof of his rounding shift. Then he turned around and made his way to his second post.

The second post was the laboratory building. This is the oldest building and it is situated next to the dining hall which is the second oldest building. There are still a lot of laboratories there. A few of them are the Language Lab, the Chemistry Lab, The Physics Lab, and the Maths Lab. But the most scariest and spookiest laboratory ever is the Biology Lab.

Ali had sensed something unnatural approaching. His heart beat unsteadily as soon as he reached the laboratory building. His foot steps seemed too loud, and his breaths were so heavy he almost panted for more air. Nevertheless, Ali kept his cowardness towards himself, and moved forward without any hesitation. He had done this job for over 5 years then, and nothing would ever make him too afraid to complete a shift before.

He walked slowly and carefully, observing every labs for any unusual activities. He walked through the Maths lab, Physics, Chemistry and then... he was approaching the Biology Lab.

Ali stopped his steps. There were a strange smell coming from the Biology Lab.

Ali moved closer to the lab, and then he was standing just next to the rear window. He leaned his earlobe against the window glass and waited.

Chup... chup... chup.... chup... grr... chup... grr... chup....

It was the sound of a munching, followed by a faint sound of growl.

Ali unlocked the Biology Lab's front door with his master key. While doing that, his heart beat went faster and faster, for he sensed an existence of a creature inside. The creature was definitely not an ordinary dog trapped by faulty mistake.

Ali almost knew he was going to face up with the greatest challenge in his life.

As soon as the door opened, Ali saw what he was meant to see. It was a hedious creature, and it was not a dog at all. The creature appeared scarier than a wolf, and to be precise it looked exactly like a werewolf.

With gigantic body, thick fur, protuded and red glaring eyes, long and huge and sharp jaws... the werewolf was eating on something which looked like an animal corspe. Upon seeing Ali standing at the rear door, the werewolf abandoned his meal and was ready to attack.

Ali was so nervous, and he forgot to call his co-staff using the walkie-talkie. Ali just stood there, as if waiting and surrendering his body to be crunched and munched by the creature.

However, all of a sudden Ali remembered to recite the Al-Qursi surah. He read it in time with the first jump of the creature. At the same time, he gained his strength to move his legs and shut the door.

There was a loud bump at the door, and it shook for a while when the creature tried to get through the door. Ali still stood at the door, leaning his body against it.

He closed his eyes, and did only that for almost five minutes. He didn't even realize when the sound actually stopped, but eventually it did stop. No other sound occurred after that, and Ali opened his eyes, blinking in confusion.

He inspected around the outer compound of the dark biology laboratory, and tried to figure out whether the creature had managed to escape through another possible exit. But Ali didn't find anything.

He didn't find anything. Not even a single hair, or a single footmark, or stain of blood from the animal corpse.

Suddenly Ali felt too terrified, and ran as fast as he could back to the post guard building. He didn't care if he was going to be terminated because he didn't manage to finish his rounding shift. His only intention at that time was to run away from the building.

As soon as he reached the post guard, he told everything to his co-staff and together they went back to the Laboratory Lab. They brought with them a pistol, and were ready to shoot at any time.

However, they found nothing in the lab. Not even a strand of the creature's saliva were found on the floor. But both of them could still smell the faulty odour of dead meat, and the smell made them shudder in amazement.

Until now, Ali still works there as a night guard. He told my husband that being a security guard is the job he loves to do, and no matter what happens he will continue working there. But he would certainly be more careful in the future. He regarded all the scary and spooky incidents as merely episodes in his life.

What a brave night guard Ali is! Well... that's my story for this time, and I hope you do enjoy. Have a nice day with your loved ones!


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