Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Zahid married Sara out of love and more importantly Sara came from a rich family. Zahid was sure Sara would be the sole inheritor from her parents. Automatically, Zahid would be able to enjoy the wealth because he was Sara's husband.

Other than that, now Zahid had a hantu raya with him. The hantu raya was very loyal to him. Zahid had a wide paddy field and his hantu raya did all the work for him. A lot of villagers saw Zahid working at the field in the middle of the night, but nobody suspected anything strange about it. They praise Zahid because he was very hardworking.

Siti didn't know Zahid was keeping a hantu raya. She never thought that sometimes the hantu raya came at night when Zahid couldn't fulfill his promise to be back on time. That night, while waiting for her husband, Siti heard a knock from the front door.

Siti opened the door, and she saw it was Zahid. Siti was very glad because her husband didn't forget about his promise.

"I've cooked your favorite food, my darling. Come and eat together," pleaded Siti with a husky voice. She really missed her husband and she wanted him to know about it. Siti looked at her husband's face with love and affection.

"I've already eaten, my love. Today there was a feast at Sara's village and I had to attend their ceremony. That's why I am a bit late. But... I miss you so much. Come, darling. Come to bed," replied Zahid with a longing face.

Siti didn't care even though Zahid didn't want to eat. Even though she was so tired preparing for the dish, it didn't matter because now she was getting more from Zahid. Siti smiled in happiness.

That night Siti felt Zahid was extra ordinarily greater in bed than usual. But Siti didn't feel strange. In fact, she was very happy because his husband really needed her and she felt very loved.

The next morning, Siti woke up a bit late because she was exhausted. When she opened her eyes she found out that Zahid was no longer beside her. She went outside and called for Zahid, but he was nowhere to be found. Not knowing anything else to do, Siti sat in front of her house under the mango tree. She waited for her husband there.

An hour after that, suddenly Zahid appeared. Siti looked at him strangely and asked, "Where did you go, dear?"

"I didn't go anywhere. I've just arrived from Sara's village. Why... did you miss me that much?" teased Zahid, knowing that his second wife is a bit timid.

"Darling, you were here last night. We slept together, didn't you remember?" asked Siti again, and she was a little annoyed but at the same time felt strange too.

Zahid couldn't say anything. He was surprised but he knew who was there last night. It was the hantu raya. Zahid felt very angry because the hantu raya had slept with his wife. He was also afraid if Siti got pregnant. He didn't want to have a son from a ghost.

Zahid regretted owning a hantu raya. He quickly went to the shaman's house because he wanted to destroy the hantu raya. But the shaman couldn't do it. So, Zahid had to go home and he felt very disappointed. When he reached home, he felt very strange. He found out the bedroom door was locked from inside and his wife was nowhere to be seen. Zahid suspected Siti was in the room with the hantu raya.

Zahid kicked the door and it opened after several attempts. Inside, Zahid saw Siti was being hugged by a man who had a face similar to his. Zahid was very angry.

"Get out, Siti! He's not your husband! I am your real husband. He is a hantu raya!" yelled Zahid in anger.

Siti couldn't make her decision. Both men are the same. She remained in the room and let the hantu raya hug him even tighter.

Zahid couldn't tolerate it anymore took the holy book. It was the Quran. He recited several versus from inside the Quran. Then he challenged the hantu raya to touch the Quran.

The hantu raya was arrogant. He accepted the challenge and took the Quran from Zahid. As soon as he held it, he was burned. The hantu raya screamed in pain, and later disappeared. He left burned ashes on the bedroom floor.

Siti fainted because she was shocked. Zahid felt a relief, but he still kept a grudge against the hantu raya because he had slept with his wife. Now, the hantu raya had become a wild ghost and was roaming again without having a master.

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