Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The pocong which was found by the residents of Lane Street a few days ago under the oak tree was now the most popular topic of discussion. The story of how Daud chased away the sundal bolong from the body of Anita, daughter of Samad was not a hot issue anymore. People were more interested to talk about a new thing that happened recently.

A week ago, Zainab, the daughter of Hamzah was found lying unconscious under the same oak tree. When she woke up she told she was being disturbed by the pocong. Due to her statement, everybody in the neighborhood believed that another ghost was then attacking in their housing area. It meant they had to deal with two ghosts then – the sundal bolong and the pocong.

Zainab was found by a young man named Zahar. At first he thought it was the pocong who was lying down there, but it couldn’t be because it was in the middle of daylight. So he approached the lying figure carefully and noticed it was Zainab. Without delaying he called upon her father to come over and pick her daughter up. He was not brave enough to carry Zainab home, afraid that the neighborhood would misunderstand his intention. He didn’t want to smear his name.

Hamzah suggested to call upon Daud. But many of the residents thought it was not the sundal bolong’s doing, so it would be a waste of time if they called upon Daud. They were convinced it was indeed the doing of the pocong, based on what Zainab told them.

A few days after that Hamzah’s family made a decision to throw out a religious ceremony to show gratitude that their daughter was unharmed by the pocong.

But before the ceremony was going to be held, one of the elderly in Lane Street which was respected by everybody advised him to call upon Pawang Pahar. Pawang Pahar was able to help Zainab get back to her normal condition. It seemed that Zainab had lost her inner strength due to the shock of seeing the pocong.

Daud was not seen anywhere. Most probably he stayed at home and distanced himself from other residents. Therefore he was not aware of what happened to Zainab. In his mind he only had one intention. He wanted Malika to disturb Sharifah again, so that her father and her husband would in return pay him more.

Moreover, Daud knew if it was really the pocong who disturbed Zainab, he couldn’t do anything about it because it had nothing to do with sundal bolong. It was better if he kept himself away from the problem.

That night, Daud prepared on his plan to attack Sharifah. In his mind, he had started imagining how much money he could get this time.

“Malika! Get ready. This is my instructions for you…” said Daud with a hideous smile.

Malika opened her red eyes and the rituals began. That night, Daud and his Malika stayed up until the first hint of dawn appeared from the sky.

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