Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Burning Flame

My examinations was over. I got through with it but with a little frustration. My Organizational Behaviour lecturer somehow had some grudges against me. I don't know when it happened in the first place. Let me tell you a bit on this.

After I met the Toyol, I was immediately hospitalized due to high fever. Exams were approaching, and I missed all the classes and had to pass all study groups. The worst thing was that I failed to attend my mentor's daily meetings during the study weeks. And... the mentor happened to be my Organizational Behaviour lecturer. Well... quite ironic, isn't it? Ha-ha.

So, after I was out of the hospital I asked this particular lecturer about all my missed clasees and of course so many quizzes. I was hoping that maybe she would arrange something for me to sit so that I would not lose too many marks. Quizzes make 30% from the total grade. It's crucial for me to get an 'A' for that subject. Without quizzes, I would definitely get something around 'B' even if I scored perfect 100% during finals.

The lecturer told me, in a very nonchalant manner. "I'll average the score..." she said to me, with several nodds and a bit of smile. I was relieved and happy because I understood what she meant was I would only be graded on quizzes that I had done. But later I found out that she actually made an average out of every quizzes she had given.

Hurgh! I was mad, but couldn't do anything about it. So it was a tragedy for me indeed. I got a 'C' for that subject. Ha-ha. Funny when I thought about it now.

Ok. Forget about that. The reason I'm posting here is to tell you about scary ghost stories, isn't it? So, that's what I'm going to do now.

After the exams, I went back to my hometown during the mid-term break. After quite some time, I had chosen not to sleep in my upstairs bedroom anymore. I just don't feel comfortable being there. So I had opted to move downstairs, to another bedroom.

That night, the same eerie feeling occurred again. I just couldn't go to sleep. What was bothering me when I was at home? Isn't home supposed to be a safe place to be? To me, my home is quite a spooky place. Lol...

It was twelve midnight, and I didn't feel sleepy at all. I went to the living room and turned on the Astro. I watched a movie from HBO and after halfway, I got sleepy. Because I didn't want to sleep in the bedroom, so I decided to spread a comforter in front of the television set and relax.

It was only a while after I closed my eyes that something terrifying happened to me. I felt as if I was dreaming, but at the same time it wasn't a dream. It was as if my soul went out again, and leaving my body limp on the comforter.

Next to the living room is another small extention where my mother kept a set of old sofas and an exercising bicycle. I looked at the bicycle for a moment, sensing something was about to happen. I just could feel it. I've known it would.

I stared at the bicycle... and suddenly a blaze of fire sparked fiercely and burnt the bicycle. The fire was so huge and red, it flamed until the surface of above ceilings.

I couldn't believe my eyes... for I had never expected something like that to happen. The fire became gigantic, while I struggled to move out of my situation. Just like before, when my soul was out of my body I couldn't move but I could see everything.

I was beginning to think that the house was going to be burnt down and I was to be blamed for not being able to do anything about it. It was fortunate, because at that time I already knew a little bit how to snap out of the situation.

After reading the Qursi, I managed to escape from the imprisoning situation and I opened my eyes in reality. I quickly reverted my eyes to the bicycle, and there was nothing there, except for the cold unmoved exercising machine.

I inhaled and breathed out deeply, and forced myself to go to sleep. This time, I must be strong. I said to myself, I couldn't let the thing over controlling me. I would empower it and get rid of it successfully one day.

With the will power, eventually I managed to drift off and the next morning was a new day and a new episode for me to discover.

Nevertheless, deep down inside me I really wish that I could share this experience with somebody else. It is troublesome for me to carry this burden alone, and not able to exchange ideas or anything to overcome this fearful series of eerie experiences. I hope one day I would. Yeah... I'm sure I would.

Till that day, I wish you all the happiest day ever. "Carpe Diem." "Seize the Day." "Make Your Lives Extraordinary".

Enjoy your reading. See you for another story soon.

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