Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I met a Toyol!

Time passed by. Then I furthered my studies to another higher institutions after completing my matriculations. This time, I decided to do what I like best. Secretaryship. That's what I was going to go.

So I went for registration and classes arrangements... etc... met new friends and lots of friends. I rented a house with another 13 students. Lol... the house was just a terrace with 3 rooms. Just imagine how crowded it was. Nevertheless I enjoyed staying there and had the happiest life ever.

The classes were great, I was doing very good and soon I became the so-called 'top scorer' for my batch. I don't know... I think this line is my specialty. I really love it, that's why it wasn't hard at all to shine.

The mid-term exams were soon just around the corner. With so many activities - college or no college, I didn't quite aware just how fast time had moved. But one thing for sure, scary things hadn't been able to settle down near me during that time. I was grateful, really grateful.

However, the relief thought only lasted for half a semester. I'll tell you what I mean afterwards.

One night, my housemates and I were all gathered and stayed up to make last minute preparation for our exams. All of us were very determined to get high scores so everybody were busy burying their faces inside their books.

That night the climate was warm, hectic and I felt particularly uneasy. The feeling of uneasiness made me recall all those scary incidents that happened to me before. It was the same feeling. My heart started beating nervously, and I kept saying to myself... something is really wrong.

I felt strange. I kept wondering and thinking... what is it that bothers me so much? I was very worried. But I tried to focus on my studies, and 2 hours passed by mercifully.

It was 12:00 midnight. I looked around. One by one, I saw my friends started to yawn. They looked so tired, and the determined look at their faces no longer remained there. One by one, they got up and went straight to bed.

At last, nobody was left in the study hall except for me. I looked around, petrified. Didn't all of them said they wanted to stay up until at least 3:00 a.m.? What happened with all the determination? Why suddenly everybody wanted to sleep?

Slowly, I rose from my chair and went to my room. I didn't have the mood to study anymore, being alone in the study hall was not a good feeling to describe in the first place. So I climbed onto my bed, a double decker of course and mine was at the top one.

I sat straight on the bed. I blinked several times, trying to figure out why everybody was so sound asleep. I, on the other hand, was worried like hell and didn't feel sleepy at all.

Suddenly I heard the sound of a handful of sands being thrown at my bedroom window. I looked at the window, and tried to figure out who or what had caused it.

My effort was useless. I was tranced immediately. I only had 2 seconds to think, and later it was darkness. I was forced to sleep under the trance and I just can't help it.

Maybe my determination was very strong. In my sleep I struggled to get up. I twisted and turned and read every surah that I could remember to bring myself to a wake-up. Thank God, it worked. I managed to open my eyes.

But... oh my God! As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a figure the size of a small boy protuding both its hands towards my legs. His nails were so long and sharp. He was the ugliest creature I've ever seen!

I sat straight up with all my effort. I didn't know what else to do but scream and scream.

The figure was surprised with my scream and I thought maybe it became scared. All of a sudden, he pulled back his hands and jumped down from the bed ladder. He turned down his face in the speed of lightning, and he turned his body so that only his back was facing me. He dashed forward so quickly, with small steps but so quick that he vanished almost immediately from my site.

I tried to look at his face but couldn't. He didn't give me any opportunity to have even a glance on his face. But in the darkness I could clearly remember his shape.

He body was plump, like the body of a healthy baby. His height was around two feet tall. He has a little lump at the top of his head and it was scary. His movements was exactly like a baby who's just learning his first steps. When he was running out from my bedroom, his body swayed to the right and left as if trying to balance. And he tooks small steps but quick ones. Exactly like a baby. But a terrifying baby for sure.

After the creature had left, I was still screaming out my lungs but nobody ever woke up. It was frustrating, and eventually I fell down on the bed asleep after being so exhausted.

The next morning, the funny thing was I didn't recall what happened the night before. At least I didn't recall it for half a day. But as soon as I returned home from classes, only then I saw all my friends were getting so heated up about our house being purse-picked the night before. One of them asked me whether I had lost any money.

Hmm... it was strange. I didn't lose a cent. Not even a cent. Then one by one, they started talking about how strange the way the money was lost. Only those who kept money in their purses in the drawers are being stolen. A friend of mine who put her purse right on top of the television set did not lose any money at all.

At that point only I recalled last night's incident. I told my friends about it.

"Oh my God... Shanis! I think you have met a TOYOL!! My God...!!" A girl nick-named Along told me with a faint face.

My body was limp all of a sudden. I was shivering all over, and later I caught a high fever. I had to stay at the hospital for 12 days - due to the shock or I don't know what the TOYOL had done to me that night... only God knows!

That was the scariest incident that happened to me and until now, I could still remember it clearly.

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Pickles said...

That's very scary.To stop the Toyol from stealing your money put needles under the money.They are afraid of being cut by them.