Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Old Man on the Haunted Road

Hi there... today is quite warm in my place. Yesterday it was raining pretty heavily, the grounds were wet, sloppy and mushy-soft... yet today after being sun-bathed it turned out to be dry and hard again.

Sitting on my working chair, with the warm weather and stuffy dry air... I weirdly collected my mood to scribble away some of my experiences on scary ghost stories. Ha ha... in the most awkward situation, writers often find their inspiration and I guess it goes the same thing with me here.

I remember when I went to an English Course four years back. It was a six month course, and I had to attend it daily, 9-5 and sometimes I had to even attend the Saturdays classes. The course was not the previous one that I had mentioned before. It was way back when I've just completed my S.P.M. but this newer course was somewhat more matured.

I took the course mainly because it provided an allowance enough for me to cover the existing income. Not only that, it gave me the opportunity to meet many new faces and learn so many social behaviours around me. I am very fond of observing people and their habits - it gives me a wild imagination and each one of them inspire me to write on something new and interesting.

One afternoon, our lecturer who we called by the name Miss Kavita was either moody, lazy or just perhaps trying to find another way to make our class feel rejuvenated. Many of us had been bored with typical classroom teaching delivery method, and most of us just couldn't take another written assignment on that particular moment.

So, in return, we decided to arrange our chairs and sit in a circle facing to each other. Miss Kavita gave us permission to share any ghost stories that ever encountered our lives in the past.

It was a natural thing to me, because I have loads of stories to tell and I told them one of mine - and the story left an open jaw to some of them. I just shrugged, and told them not to be scared. Ghosts are everywhere, and you just have to be brave in dealing with them whenever they appear in your lives.

I was so attracted to one ghost story revealed by one of the male students. The story went like this:

It was a bright Saturday, and it was the National Independance Day in our country. Nazri made a promise with his friends to celebrate the National Day at the capital of our country. Many of his friends agreed, and they all went there by motorcycle.

The celebration went by merrily and soon afterwards the clock at the Tower stoke 12. Everybody cheered up and a huge concert was held. It all ended around 1:00 p.m.

Nazri and one of his friends parted with the others who lived nearby the city area. Only both of them live far away on the top of a hill, just let me call it "The Cutting Hill".

It was already 2:00 p.m. when they finally reached the centre of the hill. There, nothing existed except for thick forest with huge trees and dim roads with no streetlights. Many people are afraid to go along the road because it was so famous with its scary ghost stories. However, being a young man Nazri never believed those stories and he just thought of it as a folk-tale.

Nazri and his friend (let me call him Amat) rode with different bikes. Amat was ahead of Nazri about 500 metres.

Suddenly Amat saw an old man wearing a traditional costume and a songkok (a type of head cover) walking slowly in front of him. Amat stopped by the old man's side and asked whether he wanted a lift. The old man seemed tired and walked so slowly with his head bent down facing the road.

The old man didn't want any lift, and he just shook his head and continued walking. Because of that, Amat continued his ride and left the old man walking alone.

At the same time, Nazri came to the old man's place but he didn't stop to ask. He didn't bother because suddenly he was feeling strange and a little afraid. Moreover he saw Amat had stopped by the old man just then and the old man refused to take a lift.

Nazri continued riding, and just a few moment later he saw Amat was already sprawled on the road. It was indeed an accident. Nazri quickly went to assist Amat who was injured at the legs.

As soon as Nazri approached Amat, he saw Amat's bleeding was not too bad but his face was as shocked as ever. Amat was so scared, as if he had saw something that was so horrible. He kept pointing backwards, as if afraid of something.

Nazri tried to be calm, and he assisted Amat to his motorbike. He told Amat to leave his bike and come to collect it the next day. Amat seemed to be able to gain his control and he seemed a bit calmer.

As soon as both of them were on the bike, Nazri accelerated and left the place without any delay. He wanted to reach home as quickly as possible, for his feeling of uneasiness had begun to invade him most uncontrollably.

Nazri was just ahead about 5 minutes, pressing real hard and pushed the bike to make it be as fast as the wind. There, a figure of an old man approached from further afront. The figure became nearer and nearer.

Amat yelled to Nazri. "Don't stop! Get the hell out of here, fast! Just now I saw that old man walking in front of me. That was why I lost balance and fell off. Now, the old man is already here! How on earth did he manage to be in front of us if he's not....................."

Amat's sentence wasn't completed because he was afraid to finish it. Nazri understood clearly what Amat meant and he didn't stop. However, when they were the nearest to the old man, both of them could see clearly his face.

The old man had a long tongue, and his tongue protuded from his mouth just like a dog. At the end of his tongue, trickles of blood dropped down and wetting the front of his shirt.

Nazri's stomach curled and he raced forward, never thinking about anything else but to reach home safely. Fortunately nothing happened after that and both of them reached home an hour later.

Despite all that, both of them caught a high fever and they stayed under the blanket for three days. Only then they could recover.

Whenever I recall Nazri's story, I would shudder because it is such a terrifying incident, of course. Well... that's all for now, and I wish you all readers... enjoy reading!


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Spooky indeed!

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spooky stories. keep up the good work.

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Kavita is an Indian name, so she was really lazy hehehehehehe that is how Indians are :)

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That Sucked ASS