Monday, May 14, 2007

Ghost at the Twin Tower

Hello friends...

I feel so relieved today that finally I have the opportunity to lay down my fingers on the keyboards again. It has been quite some time that I haven't posted any new stories here... and I bet some of you have been wondering... hmm... what happened to Miss Cutie?

Ha-ha-ha.. nothing actually happened to me. It's just that I hadn't any brilliant moods to put forward into writings lately. Well... that's one of the greatest disadvantages of being a writer, though. You only write when the mood is there. Lol...

Ok. Now back to the main intention. Today I've remembered one of my spookiest experience that I totally forgot to share it with all of you before. I've written it somewhere in a community over the net, and I think that's the reason why I forgot to write it down here.

This experience happened when I was working at one of the most popular building in my country. It is in fact the tallest building in my country and it is called the twin tower. I worked at Tower I, Level 59. It was a 9-5 working hours, with Saturdays off. I really enjoyed working there as a Confidential Secretary.

My company share the floor with another company which situated at the far back-end. During lunch hour, I could see staffs from that company joining us at the elevator. We just exchanged smiles, though. I never get acquainted to any of them.

It was a familiar thing for me to stay back almost everyday. The workload was huge, and I loved working. Everything around me seemed so interesting and fascinated me to work more and more. I usually stayed back until around 9 p.m. Most of the time, there were also other co-workers who stayed back. So, I didn't worry about being alone.

However, the unfortunate day came eventually. I was directed by my immediate supervisor to stayback at that particular day to finish up some last minute assignment. I accepted the job without a second thought, and I just nodded indifferently. It was just a routine task, yet urgent enough to acquire my immediate attention.

So I scrolled up my sleeves and began doing the workload. It was just a matter of numbers and calculations, arranging of words and sentences in the finalization stage. It was an easy task, similar to a re-proofreading and re-checklisting.

The clock ticked and moved forward. After about an hour of full concentration, my supervisor decided to take a brief break for a puff of cigarette downstairs. He told me to continue with my job, and I just nodded in approval as I looked at him swaying his hips towards the main door.

I continued with my job. I intended to complete it as soon as possible, due to the main reason that it was my favorite night for tv shows. My eyes reverted back to the pages and I put my 100% focus on them.

Suddenly, out of nowhere I felt strange. Suddenly I felt the office was too quiet. I looked up, and turned my neck to see the surroundings. Yeah... it was too quiet indeed. If a needle dropped from far ahead, I would definitely hear the sound.

An uneasiness crept up my arms and left them with stood-on-end hairs. I couldn't describe how strange I felt at that time. I've just realized that nobody was staying back! I was alone! I've never been in the office alone before, and even if I did there was a security guard who always checked on me. But that night the guard wasn't there and I was really, really alone!

I pulled up my courage and waved the uneasiness away. I told myself, my supervisor would be up in no time. So, why must I worry? I continued with my job, but this time I put a cautious pair of ears and eyes towards the surroundings. It felt so eerie at that time, with the never-ending quietness that wrecked my nerves.

It was the sound of thumping, running footsteps just outside my office which made me look up again. I sighed in relief, thinking that there were actually people at the floor at that hour. It was a light-weight thump, like a girl's thump. The sound started from the other office. I just shook my head, thinking positively that there must be some gathering being held there, and one of the staff was bringing their child to office.

I peeped a little at the semi-transparent glass wall which separated my office from the corridor and elevator. I was expecting to see at least a figure of a child, running happily there and maybe I could just give her a warm smile. But I didn't see anyone.

I felt weird. The thumping then stopped abruptly. The last sound ended at the far end of my office corridor. There was no way that a person could get back to the back office without passing through in front of me. So, I just waited for a few seconds. I was sure the child would pass through again.

20 seconds passed by, and I didn't have the nerves to wait any longer. The child didn't return, and the thump had stopped. My curiosity grew larger and I stood up, ignoring my assignments with papers all over the wide table. I felt as if I was sure that I won't be seeing anybody at the corridor if I stepped out of the office.

Suddenly I felt the urge to evacuate the building as fast as I could. The feeling was so terrible, it felt like desperation! I quickly pushed aside my assignment papers and stacked them up in an acceptable manner which I hoped would be presentable on the next morning. Heck, I didn't care less actually, for the terror was now beginning to creep up my neck. I was indeed very scared.

I grabbed my handbag, and dashed quickly to the front door. My office was equipped with safety facilities. So as the front door. It was a button-controlled door. I have to push on the button in order for it to open. If someone from outside wishes to enter, he has to use a pass-card instead.

I came nearer to the door, and raised my arm to push the button. At that point something happened that made all my blood felt like draining out of my body. I was shocked. The door opened itself!

Oh My God... what was happening? The door opened itself!

I didn't want to think any further. I just dashed through the door, ignoring what made it open in the first place. I made a glimpse to my left, where the child was supposed to be standing there because there was no other possible place to be.

There was nobody.

I closed my eyes, moving forward to the elevators. I didn't want to think. I just wanted to escape. I half ran towards the elevator, and raised my right arm to push the button.

Out of nowhere, the elevator opened itself! I didn't push the button, it opened by itself! Nobody was in it, and the voice recorder said "Enter".

"What?" I was confused, telling myself to be calm and in the desperation I didn't have the courage to enter the elevator. It was obvious that something was really wrong. Usually, the voice recorder of the elevator only blurted out "Level 59", not "Enter"!

Panic overwhelmed me, and I just stood there didn't know what to decide. I didn't want to go back inside the office. Yet, I was afraid to enter the elevator. At the same time, the corridor was just a few steps away, and I could freshly remember the thumping sounds.

I stood in front of the elevator, doing nothing. I prayed to God to save me from anything that would want to harm me. I didn't even dare to close my eyes, for the fear of seeing something the minute I re-open my eyes.

I stood there for quite some time, praying and hoping that nothing would happen. The feeling was intolerable, I was so scared that I went rigid and didn't move at all.

Suddenly, the elevator closed its doors and I blinked uncontrollably for the fear of something else might happen. I stepped further backwards so that I could lean my back on the wall facing to the elevator.

I looked upward, to the numbers which represented which floor the elevator was heading to. It was heading downstairs and finally I saw that it reached the ground floor. It stopped a while there, and suddenly the number increase again. It was heading upwards... and upwards.

I was so scared, yet I waited like there was no other thing to do.

I was counting. The number moved. 13... 25... 37... 44...

The number hit 59. I was shaking real hard. The number stopped there, and the door opened.

"Phew!" I sighed a huge relief when I saw the figure of my supervisor inside the elevator. I smiled thankfully at him, and gave another long sigh.

My supervisor saw the terror in my face, even though I tried to conceal it with my smile.

"What happened?" he asked in genuine concern.

I told him everything, and he nodded in agreement.

"Things like this had happened before. I've never experienced it myself, but some of the staffs told me the same thing like what happened to you just now. Let's get out of here..." my supervisor replied, and I could see he was also scared.

I just nodded, and together we entered the elevator and went downstairs.

After that incident, I never wanted to stayback if I was to be alone. I always make sure that I have somebody to accompany me.

Well.. what do you think about the story, guys? If you have any comments, please do so at the comments area. All opinion are appreciated, as long as they are constructive.

Last but not least, happy reading and have a nice day! Just wait for another of my story, okay?


Strategic Niche Articles Resources For Your Internet Marketing Business said...

Hi there,

This is the first time I heard about this story in Twin Tower... how about the garden at the back? Any special or suspecious happenings?

No need to worry, as those monks said, you are MORE FIRE than them, they shd be afraid of you.

Moreover, you do not do bad things, what you worried?

Calvin Chin

stocktube said...

it's sure a scary experience ... i won't stay back either as your experience could be an early warning ... as more and more huge buildings being built those spirits couldn't find place to rest as that piece of land could belongs to them at the first place ... cheers ...

morinn said...

nice blog you got here ;)

Don said...

Is this true story?
I just know twin tower have a ghost

Anonymous said...

wow that seemed really scary.if that happend to me i would really freak out because im totally scared of elevators