Friday, May 25, 2007


Dear readers and fans... Scary Ghost is taking a short break to talk about Advertlets in this special post. This is a valuable gift from me, and should you read it, you'll benefit a gold-mine from it.

After this post, I will continue with the rest of my Spooky Scary Ghost Stories....

Have a nice day and happy reading!

1. Why people sign-up with Advertlets?

2. What do they hope to get from Advertlets?

There are quite a number of advertisement-based program which claim that they provide the best services to its members. However, the question is whether the supposed claim is true or just a mythical attraction strategy to make people join in as members in their community.

Bloggers around the world share the same need to publish their blogs and make those blogs exposed widely over the net. The sole purpose is to get the maximum traffic and therefore will be able to get more visitors and get monetary benefits from it. Many efforts have been made by bloggers to increase traffic and this includes so many SEO's programs, link exchanges, joining variety of communities and advertisement programs like Advertlets.

Many failed to succeed, and in the end didn't continue their effort due to facing dead-ends. This is where Advertlets plays its role. The new concept introduced by Advertlets is helping many bloggers to fulfill their dreams and help them to increase traffic and generate more hits by a win-win situation offered by Advertlets.

Why do people prefer to sign-up with Advertlets? It is pretty obvious that bloggers are now smart enough to find the best service provider from the internet. Advertlets meets this criteria and therefore many people are eager to join this program.

Advertlets provides targeted advertising through the means of real time demographics profiling for bloggers - and this gives huge convenience for local advertisers to get matching advertisements with the target audience for the blog. Isn't this a smart collaboration designed to perfectly suit both needs of the bloggers as well as the advertisers?

With uniquely designed and sufficiently provided choice of selection on where to display advertisements on blogs, this new feature now gives even more attraction for people to sign-up.

Apart from the above reasons, the most enticingly attractive package offered by Advertlets is the potential of huge revenue earnings for members. Not only that, but bloggers will enjoy the privilege of knowing more about their blog readers and therefore able to get the most benefit and revenue from the knowledge.

Members are also entitled to vote on new site features, and their votes contribute to the decision-making of Adverlets Network's management team to suit the needs of members.

Advertlets is giving so much to its members, and every need of its members is considered as significant. What do members hope to get from Advertlets?

By joining Advertlets, members are hoping they would get the most exposure over the net. With advertlets, there are no minimum blog traffic requirements, so low-ranking blogs will have the opportunity to have advertisements on their blogs.

It is also hoped that by joining Advertlets members would be able to have a wider networking, thus growing the circle of contacts and bringing in more new ideas and knowledge-information.

Advertlets is user-friendly, and due to that members hope Advertlets would be able to simplify the usually hideous and complicated process of application in some programs which are similar to Advertlets Network program.

Joining Advertlets gives Malaysians the sense of security and feeling of belonging. They hope more people will join and make the Advertlets community larger and prosper.

Finally it is hoped that by joining Advertlets, every member would be able to earn lucrative income from here. Advertlets would be the number one program, where it is trusted not only locally, but world-wide.

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