Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The news of Pawang Pahar's death spread quickly among the residents of Lane Street. Hamzah who was one of the respected person in Lane Street became more worried about it. He intended to ask Pawang Pahar's help to get rid of the ghosts, but now the man had already died. He didn't know from whom else he could seek for assistance.

Still dealing with his disappointment, Hamzah felt it was his responsiblity to get rid of all the ghosts from Lane Street. He didn't have the heart to see all the residents live in fear. Something have to be done quick.

"Before it became worse, I must do something. I can't stand it any longer. Too many spirits are residing here, not to mention about the pocong, hantu raya and the sundal bolong. If I knew who is the culprit behind all these, I swear I would kill him. I am not scared of evil spirits. It is only to Allah that I surrender my soul," whispered Hamzah to himself, trying to calm himself from worrying even more.

Meanwhile, Daud was no where to be found. Nobody knew where Daud had disappeared. Some of the residents said Daud went to visit his son, but some others didn't want to believe. They felt it was impossible for Daud to travel that far, since some of the times he couldn't even afford to buy his own food.

Personally, Hamzah started to feel strange about Daud's disappearance. Due to that, he gathered the residents of Lane Street and divided them into small groups. They were assigned to search for Daud. The search was done for a whole week, and Hamzah's prediction turned out to be true. Daud's body was found lying dead under a banana tree. His face was unrecognized but fortunately people could recognize him by his clothings.

Everybody came for Daud' burial ceremony because they wanted to see in detail how terrible his dead body looked like. Suddenly, just after the prayers ceremony ended, Daud's body was fully awake and he sat up straight. Everybody ran cowardly and left only a few brave individuals at the scene.

It was only two persons left at that time. They were the chief of prayers, Imam Samad and Hamzah. They couldn't leave Daud's corpse just like that because they pitied him. Furthermore, they couldn't run away from their responsibility. Daud must be buried, no matter what.

Hamzah and Imam Samad recited all the surah that they knew by heart. Imam Samad was a very religious man and Daud's corpse seemed afraid to go near him. He went straight towards Hamzah.

Daud's face looked fierce and full of revenge. He pinned Hamzah towards the wall and his rotting hands reached for Hamzah's neck. Hamzah couldn't do anything since Daud's energy was too strong for him to fight back. On the other hand, Imam Samad could do nothing too. He just continued reciting every surah he knew in hope that Daud's corpse would collapse.

Suddenly, Majdi who had run away felt he shouldn't run. He returned and ran into the house as quickly as he could. He grabbed a sword which was hanging on the wall and swung the sword towards' Daud's neck. Daud lost his neck within seconds. Before he fell down he gave out a loud scream. Then everything was silent.

Hamzah blew out a relieved sigh and smiled gratefully at Majdi. He owed him his life. Haji Samad patted Majdi on his back as a sign of appraisal. Majdi smiled back, feeling outrageously proud of himself. Indeed, he had saved Hamzah's life, and he was going to be called a hero.

"Now we better call back all the residents so that we could bury Daud's body as quickly as possible," said Hamzah to Majdi, asking for his favor to call upon all the residents of Lane Street.

That evening, the burial ceremony was done as simple and as quickly as possible. Nobody wanted the scene to happen again. After Daud's body was safely buried, everybody felt a huge relief and assumed everything had returned to normal.

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