Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Satisfaction overwhelmed throughout the body and soul of Malika. She was really excited knowing that both of the people whom she hated most had died in her own hands. Proud mixed with arrogance lingered in her mind, and the feeling intoxicated her until she felt almost floating in the air.

Malika had succeeded to kill Daud and Pawang Pahar. Both of the men had made her suffer. She had to obey Daud's orders, even though the rewards given were not satisfying enough for her. She needed more human blood, as chicken and goat blood started to taste bitter to her tongue.

Malika killed Pawang Pahar because the shaman had an intention to destroy her. She couldn't wait any longer and let the old man vanish her from the surface of the earth. If she followed Daud's order, Malika was convinced it would be too late. Malika never believed that Pawang Pahar could be persuaded with bribery. It was wise for Malika to take her own actions. And it had been proven correct. Malika had chosen the right path.

She killed Daud because her master was useless. Daud only gave her a few drops of human blood, and nothing more. Her thirst for human blood became so great, and she couldn't tolerate it any more. By killing Daud, she could use her own master's blood to the full extent. Malika was indeed satisfied. She sucked Daud's blood until there were not a drop left in his decaying body.

Now Malika was free. But suddenly she realized that she was no longer being kept by anyone. She had been pampered before and now she had to find her own way. It was going to be tough but because of that she was determined to destroy every human being in Lane Street. She would kill them mercilessly and left their body unattended, frightening to look at and shameful.

She knew, Hamzah and Imam Samad were just waiting for the right moment to kill her. Due to that, Malika promised herself to attack them both first before attacking other residents in Lane Street. And she also included Majdi, the brave young man who had saved Hamzah and Imam Samad during her attack at Daud's funeral day.

That night, Malika decided to attack Majdi first. She silently crept into his house. At that time, Majdi was sitting at the dining table together with Hamzah. Majdi had just wedded Hamzah's daughter, because Hamzah insisted Majdi to marry her. Hamzah said it was a reward for saving his life from the sundal bolong attack the other day.

Majdi was actually in love with Hamzah's daughter for quite a while. That's why he didn't refuse the offer. That night at the dining table, Majdi felt dizzy. He had lost his appetite, but because he didn't want to give a bad impression in front of his new father in law, he controlled his pain and sat quietly on his chair.

Majdi felt there was something wrong happening to him. His face suddenly turned pale and not a trace of blood could be detected from the veins on his cheeks. Hamzah and her daughter, Zainab, looked at each other in puzzlement.

"What's wrong, Majdi?" asked Hamzah in a concerned tone. He had never seen Majdi reacting the way he did that night.

Majdi could no longer speak. He closed his mouth with his hands and tried to get up. He wanted to go to the toilet because he felt too nauseous and he wanted to vomit. But Hamzah blocked him and asked him to sit.

"Zainab, take a basin here. Your husband is too weak to get up. It would be better if he just sit here," said Hamzah to his daughter.

Zainab quickly went to the kitchen and took a basin. She put the basin in front of Majdi. Majdi could no longer retain whatever was inside his stomach. On that instant, he vomited everything out. Zainab massaged Majdi's back a few times softly to enable Majdi to vomit everything out. Once in a while she massaged her husband's temple to make him ease the pain.

Majdi continued vomiting but this time it was no longer a puke of food but it contained several worms the size of a thumb. The worms crawled actively inside the basin, and swam through the puke of Majdi. It looked very, very disgusting.

Majdi's vomit didn't stop. It became more and more. Everytime when he puked, more worms came out. Up to now he had vomited half a basin of living worms.

Then Majdi vomited even harder. Now it was no longer worms, but large green maggots. The green maggots eagerly ate all the worms in the basin. Majdi vomited more and more maggots came out. He became very weak and couldn't do anything at all. Hamzah carried Majdi into the bedroom and lied him down.

"Let him rest. I have to go to Imam Samad's house to inform about this matter. I want him to help us solve this serious problem," said Hamzah to his daughter.

Zainab didn't answer but she only nodded her head. Even though she was very scared she had to obey her father's request because there were nobody else in the house. She had to be responsible, furthermore it was her husband who was in trouble.

Hamzah left soon afterwards, and Zainab was left with her sick husband. The house became too quiet and it made Zainab's hair stood on ends. She prayed hard, wishing her father to return home as quickly as possible. She looked at her husband's face, and it had turned green.

Zainab closed her eyes, and prayed for nothing worse to happen.


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Thank you very much because you really like my blog. I will post more stories in the future, and if everything goes alright this blog would have many series of scary ghost stories.

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