Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hamzah and Imam Samad had just arrived. Quickly, both of them raced to where Majdi was lying down. As soon as they reached the bedroom they saw Majdi was squeezing his stomach, ignoring the disgusting scene of his bursting belly.

Zainab was already unconscious at the corner of the room. Hamzah ignored her because at that time Majdi's life was in a dangerous state. Hamzah was afraid if it would be too late to save Majdi. Slowly, Hamzah paced towards Majdi and his pace was trailed by Haji Samad from behind.

Hamzah looked at Haji Samad to ask for his help. Haji Samad understood and he nodded as a sign. Without wasting time, Haji Samad recited some of the religious versus and hoped that whatever evil spirits which haunted and disturbed Majdi would escape and let Majdi free. However, his effort seemed to be useless. Nothing happened even though Haji Samad had recited the holy versus for five minutes without stopping.

Now, Majdi's hands had entered into his own stomach and he reached for its contents. Everything from his stomach came out and blood bathed all over the bed. Majdi pulled the cords from his stomach and took it to his mouth. He ate them with a big appetite, as if it was very delicious.

Hamzah and Haji Samad tried to stop Majdi from eating his own cord. But Majdi's energy was amazingly strong and he pushed both of them to the wall as if he was blowing off a piece of feather. He continued eating until a few minutes more. Hamzah and Haji Samad vomited because they couldn't stand the disgusting and frightening sight, but they couldn't do more than that.

Slowly, Majdi who was still eating his own cords became weak and finally he closed his eyes. Majdi was dead, at last.

Zainab who woke up by her own. As soon as she opened her eyes, the only thing which caught her attention was her dead husband. Majdi's body was full of blood, and so was the bed. Hamzah and Imam Samad who were still in puzzlement took a piece of large cloth and covered the body. Then all of them waited for the others to come.

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