Monday, March 16, 2009


In the pit of the darkness, Malika crept out from her bottle. She no longer needed it, because the bottle didn't give any comfort to her anymore. Since the death of Daud, her master, Malika had to find her own prey and it was not an easy thing. Getting in and out from the bottle was just wasting a lot of her time and energy. It would be better if she was free, forever free from any ties of the last master she had.

It was already past midnight. The coldness of the surroundings didn't have any effect towards Malika. In fact, the eeriness provided joyfulness to her evil spirit. From far away, the howling of the wild dogs which cried for a piece of warmth and protection from the cruel coldness of the midnight air made Malika smile.

"I shall forever hunt you, and you shall never live in peace!" screamed Malika, breaking the silence of the darkness. What she meant was both the lives of Hamzah and Imam Samad. Both of the men had brought many sufferings to her. Because of them, Daud had become weak and couldn't provide her with what she wanted. Because of them too, Malika had to kill Daud, and now she had trouble finding her new prey.

Human blood is a necessity and couldn't be compromised with anything else. Malika couldn't accept chicken and goat blood with several trickles of human blood anymore. This was nonsense. Malika would do just anything to get the human blood.

Malika smiled again when she recalled about Majdi's death. Her hunger for human blood which she had abstained for quite some time were fully satisfied when Majdi met his death. Malika didn't waste any of the blood. Even the cords from Majdi's stomach were chewed to drain all the blood out. It was indeed a very satisfying meal for Malika.

"Just you wait. Soon, both of you would be mine..." whispered Malika, spreading her arms wide to her side with her head facing the sky and her eyes wandered trying to search for the glowing moon. Then, as quick as the lightning Malika transformed herself into the green grasshopper and flew back to Hamzah's house to see what was next to happen.

Malika reached Hamzah's house in no time. She landed perfectly on the open window and saw Majdi's body in the middle of the house. His body was covered with a piece of large cloth and many people had already arrived. Hamzah and Imam Samad were both busy, preparing for the burial ceremony while at the same time attending to questions from the others.

Malika was satisfied with what she saw. She flew back to her place and retransformed.

"Soon... soon." It was the only word that played in Malika's evil head. The picture of Hamzah and Imam Samad being dead and useless rewinded again and again. The cries from the dogs chilled the already shivering night and Malika took her place beside her bottle.

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