Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sundal Bolong 17 - The Desperate Malika

"By the name of God, please help me...."

In desperation Hamzah prayed deeply, hoping God would help him. Hamzah didn't know where else to turn to. He was nowhere to be seen by others. He was in the middle of the thick bushes, and only ghosts and spirits were residents of a place as such.

Malika's footsteps were obviously becoming nearer and nearer to where Hamzah was kneeling. Hamzah felt his sweat trickling down his neck and dampen his shirt, front and back. His knees were sore and trembling nervously. Hamzah didn't know what to decide. Should he get up and run? What if Malika attacked him then? Hamzah tried to put off the disturbing mind, but not able to push aside the tremor of imaginary consequent that might happen in just a mere seconds.

Hamzah felt and heard the footsteps of the sundal bolong became even nearer. Now it was just a matter of a few steps before the evil Malika would be beside him and make her fatal attack. In extreme fright, Hamzah sensed an instinct of survival arose inside his sole. Briefly and mixed with terror, Hamzah parted his eyelids a bit and gave a peep of what was really going to happen to him.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Malika lifted her left leg and landed right infront of Hamzah.

"Make your final wish, Hamzah! Tonight... you are going to die in my hands!" shrieked Malika in a hedious voice, uproaring nerve wrecking laughter which contained obsolute anger and revenge.

Hamzah closed his eyes again, surrendering himself to the evil spirit. He didn't have any choice. Even if he ran, Malika would come after him without effort. Hamzah had begun to cry when he heard footsteps of another person approaching.


Hamzah turned his head and saw the shadow of a man.

"Hamzah, come to me!" the man shouted at Hamzah, ordering him to move quick.

As soon as Hamzah stood up and turned to run towards the man, Malika flipped his arms and lifted her body upwards. As quick as lightning, she flew forward with an intention.

Hamzah must die and she would make sure it happened no matter what.


Anonymous said...

Miss Lady Survivor!!! I'm a big fan here!! Your story is awesome! You rock my socks!

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