Monday, November 30, 2009

Sundal Bolong 18 - Face Your Fear

Visible hints of tears started to emerge in the corners of Hamzah's eyes. His thoughts were scrambled inside, and thorn apart from their safe compartments. Nothing matters more than survival. Yet, Hamzah felt hope was not on his side. The word hope gave no meaning to him, as if it was only a dream, separated like the contrast of day and night.

Panic was everywhere, attacking his numb brain and rummaging through his whole brain compartments. Hamzah tried to be calm, yet his knees defeated his mind. Both of them buckled and fell to the wet ground. Insanity started to creep in, and taking charge of his thinking kingdom.

"Hamzah, come over to me now!"

Hamzah heard the voice of Imam Samad, calling to him again. He knew he was not alone, but the irony was he knew he had to face the evil Malika alone. At least for the moment. He knew Imam Samad couldn't come to his rescue without making himself dead. That Malika, the evil sundang bolong was with no master. She was free to do as she pleased. Murder was nothing to her, it was like kissing a smiling baby.

Quick, Hamzah thought to himself, even thought through the panic attacks thinking wisely was nearly impossible. Then, as if rescue suddenly found its way, Hamzah had an inspiration. He closed his eyes and forced himself to focus. He collected all this scrambled thoughts and put them back all together into their appropriate places.

Amazing... the power of brains could do miracles. Hamzah could already feel the rays of energy flowing back into his body. Now he felt as if his whole body being recharged using heavy dutied batteries. He felt relieved, energized and focused. Slowly, Hamzah looked upward, searching for Malika's pair of eyes.

"I will surrender myself to you, but with one condition." Hamzah's voice was calm, yet it was full of positive aura. He locked his eyes straight into the burning eyes of Malika. There was a slight tremor, yet now Hamzah knew he could rely on his knees. He knew his own body would not disappoint him now.

Malika grew interested. A curve of smile portrayed on her crumpled lips. Her long, hedious hair flowed back when the chill wind of the night blew. Her thin, white garment she wore exposed the smell of decayed flesh. Everything ugly belonged to Malika. This ugliest creature on earth was now locking back her gaze into Hamzah's. Deep interest was registering.

"Don't think you can get away. You'll die on my hands, I swear. Now say what you want." Malika looked impatient now, but still she nodded once, purely because she was deadly curious. Beneath her chin green maggots beginning to appear. Disgusting.

Hamzah looked away for two seconds, but looked back, fearing Malika would change her mind.

"My last wish is..." Hamzah left his sentence hung. He put his right hand into his baju melayu's pocket. From inside, he brought out a small book. Without waiting, he opened it in the middle, right where the Yaasin chapter was.

"Allahuakbar!" Fiercely, Hamzah exposed the content of the book to Malika's face.

The evil sundal bolong shocked. Pure anger started to creep into her. She knew she had been tricked. And knowing she was so close to enjoy her next murder, anger conquered her even more.

"By the name of God, the Most Merciful and Most Powerful. I am now ordering you to go back to where you belong. This instant!" Hamzah shoved the page to Malika's face in an abrupt manner, giving the evil sundal bolong no way of escape.

Malika turned hysterical, anger was overruling her and she was mad as hell. Yet she could do nothing. Her power was nothing compared to Yaasin. Her whole body started to produce smoke, and seconds later began burning in flame. She cried in pain and agony, hiding nothing from Hamzah that she was confirmed full of hatred and she was sure to come back for revenge.

Moments later, Malika disappeared in a puff of smoke and the night turned calm once more. If a stranger passed by later, he would never guess the most terrifying incident had happened on the same ground.

Hamzah walked slowly but with huge relief. He nodded calmly towards Imam Samad who was also heading towards him.

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