Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sundal Bolong Final Chapter - The Inner Peace

"Thanks for being here. I really appreciate it," uttered Hamzah sincerely. The presence of Imam Samad really had saved him, because without Imam Samad, Hamzah was sure he would never have gained his courage and therefore surrendered totally to the evil Malika.
"It's nothing actually. You would do the same if I were in your shoe," replied Imam Samad, showing a little smile on his dry lips.

Hamzah nodded in agreement. Imam Samad was his best friend, and he knew he could always depend on him. But that night, he wasn't sure how Imam Samad had found him. He was perfectly sure he hadn't told Imam Samad he was coming over to his house. Maybe it's just meant that Imam Samad was to be his rescuer. It had all been pre-written by God.

"What do we do now?" Imam Samad showed a concerned gesture. His eyebrows were the number one story teller, making his face look pretty obviously worried.

"Nothing more, nothing less. We just wait," said Hamzah, controllably calm despite looking at the worried facial expression from Imam Samad. Quietly, he knew there's nothing more to be done, since Malika had been chased away and nobody knew where she was headed to. Even though Malika would come back for revenge, that's a new story and Hamzah felt he shouldn't worry much about it. He had known Malika's weakness, and if Imam Samad and himself combined together, they would make a perfect challenge for Malika.

"All right. Now let's go to my house. I have something to show you," Imam Samad said while poking Hamzah at his elbow.

Hamzah smiled. He knew what's inside Imam Samad's mind. If he's not telling him about his latest development in reciting the Quranic versus, it must be something about his little hobby - fishing.

Both of them walked side by side through the dark night, but this time with an easy heart.

And deep under the ground, Malika cried bitterly as the pain increased through her whole body. The damage done were so massive that it would take at least a century to heal completely. Until then, she could only wait and make plans. Soon. Soon she would come back. With that evil thought, Malika laughed hysterically despite her sufferings.

The End.

p.s. Dear readers and fans, my next posts will be about short ghost stories like what I had done before, I hope many of you would like it, since it would be my original creation - these stories couldn't be read elsewhere. Please wait for their coming, yeah... Thank you so much!

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