Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Haunted House?

I was really desperate to find a new house to live.  Mine now sucks, because the next door and the front door neighbors were turning out to be useless friends.  They seemed nice at first, then gradually turned nasty and rude.  I suspected it was pure jealousy.  I don't understand why people around me, especially the same gender are usually jealous of me or offended by what I said.  I never found faults in anybody, but they usually found faults in me.  Heck.  I don't want to think about it too much.  What I should do now is to find a new place.  Here, this place is starting to make be beaten up, because it's very difficult to ignore their voices outside my front door, saying rude things about me - frankly speaking, badmouthing me and backstabbing me. 

That morning, my husband said.  "You can start looking for any advertisement on the net.  I would prefer a landed home and not flats, condos or apartments.  Not like what we are living in now.  It sucks.  What do you think?"

"The same thing," I replied.  Yeah.  I really feel the same thing.  It was hard living in a condominium, even though we have somewhat luxurious facilities such as swimming pool, maintenance are done for us, two parking spaces, a gym, our own musolla, playground for kids and efficient security.  Despite all that, my neighborhood was never good.  What I mean is I was so unfortunate to have two jealous neighbors and it made my husband and my life miserable.

So I searched the internet, and after half an hour searching I found what I was searching for.  It was a good property.  It was a double-storey, corner lot terrace, with spacious land of approximately 3,500 square feet.  The price?  It was amazingly low.  In my country this type of property is usually priced at least RM300k, but they offer only RM95k.  I quickly called the number provided in the advertisement slot. 

A woman picked up.  She confirmed she was the owner of the property, and she wanted to sell it immediately.  She said it would be better if she sells directly to us, rather than using the service of an agent.  It would save both of us around RM6k each, i.e. the seller and the buyer side.  I put our conversation on KIV and quickly called my husband to confirm.  He said he was also interested and I made an appointment to meet the owner that very night after my husband finished work.  The owner agreed.

That night, there I was, standing in front of the property.  The owner was not lying, it was a corner lot, double-storey terrace.  And the land was huge, in fact I noticed it had the biggest land in the housing area.  It had a huge pool beside the entrance gate and a base built up for a beautiful garden tent.  But...

It was indeed a very ugly house.  It was ugly because it was very old.  I noticed there was no gate at the entrance, most probably had been stolen because nobody lived there.  There was no electricity, i.e. the wirings had to be made again.  The roof had to be repaired because damage had been done.  Holes of bats were many. 

I looked deep into my husbands' eyes.  I asked him mentally, what do you think?  Then I asked him, and surprisingly he said yes.  Slowly... I begun to realize that it was a lifetime opportunity to own a house with such a huge land area.  I prayed silently and hoped everything would be okay.  I made a deal with the owner, since I am better in direct communication compared to him.  I managed to reduce the price to RM93, and walla!  The house was going to be ours! 

After the owner had gone, my husband took my hand and guided me into the house compound.  It was actually a very scary scenery, since the whole land was covered with grass as high as our heads.  There was no clear land to step onto, but my husband guided me carefully and shoved the grasses gently aside so that we could get through to the entrance door.

I was scared of so many things.  First, snakes.  Then, maybe ghosts.  Old houses are usually haunted.  Many people say so.  And this house was no exception.  We managed to pull through the entrance, but it was locked.  However, we could look inside because the sliding door was no longer there, only the grills were intact.  Somebody had interest with the sliding door, and had stolen it too. 

Yeah... the house was ugly.  The floor was basic cement, and the walls had cracks and holes in so many places.  There were so many repairings to be done.  No lights were intact, neither any fans nor electrical gadgets like switches on the wall.  The paints on the wall was white, but it looked dirty.  I looked at the stairs, and it looked so glum due to darkness.  I wonder how upstairs would look like, since the owner gave us a condition that she would only give us the keys to the house after we pay her the downpayment.     

There was a little store room under the stairs, but without a door.  So I was free to look into it, but it was dark and scary.  I imagined so many scary things were hiding in the house.  I think I saw a shadow moving, but maybe it was just my imagination?  Despite the feeling, I was determined to own the house, because I know both of us could turn it into a beautiful home later. 

I went home that night with mixed feelings.  I looked at my husband and he felt the same thing too.  What we didn't know was the history of the house.  And the history was only known to us later. 

If you want to know what was the history of the house, please be tuned onto the next chapter of this short story.  Until then, have a good day and enjoy yourself in my blog!


Emperor said...

I will keep tuned. Sounds interesting.

Shanis said...

Thanks! I appreciate loyal fans like you. See you later!