Monday, December 7, 2009

The Haunted House : The History

We've already paid the downpayment for the house.  It means we are really serious in buying the house.  Yeah, I am very determined to own it, since it is such a large compounded house and I don't think we would be able to find another property this good at a very low price.  However, the owner didn't give us the key yet, because we still didn't get any loan providers to settle the balance payment for the property. 

We made the payment at the legal office where the owner had suggested.  We found out the legal company's service was excellent, and every process ran smoothly.  Afterwards, my husband suggested that we go and visit our 'new house' since he had already taken a day leave from work.  I agreed.  We went there and parked our car in front of the entrance.

This time it was daylight and everything can be seen clearly.  The horror scenery we saw the other night had now turned into an ugly scenery, because it was obvious the house needed repair in all aspects.  Its exterior paintings had turned out dirty and disgusted to look at.

I sighed.  Oh well.  It might be hard work for the next six months for us, since we don't actually have the money to hire people to do the repairs.  Nevertheless, my husband is talented.  Even though he is not a contractor, he knows how to do it himself.  So I agreed with him and I offered myself to help him do the repair.  It would save us a lot of manpower costs.  We buy the things, we fix it ourselves.

The nearest weekend, we went there to start working.  The grasses were as tall as our heads, and it felt impossible to cut them all.  However, two of my husband's friends offered to help without any pay.  Thank God!  So the four of us started working.  I didn't cut the grass, but I helped them carry the grass to the disposal ground.

It was already midday, and the sun was shining so brightly.  I felt a little dizzy, so I went to the entrance door which was still locked and rested my back at the door grill.  While resting, I looked inside and wondered when could we all go inside and see the interior.

Suddenly... I felt uncomfortable.  I felt as if something was looking at me from a hiding place upstairs.  My mind started to say things, and to imagine things.  I quickly looked toward the stairs but nothing was there.  But my heart kept feeling something was there at the peak of the stairs.  I don't know what it was but something was there.  I kept the feeling to myself.

That evening, when we were ready to go back, we met with a neighbor.  He lived just next door.  My husband asked, whether there were any strange things like ghosts or something that had happened before.  He didn't want to give a straight answer, but his face told us there was something.

It's okay.  Next week we'll come again and we'll ask for more information.  I was scared but at the same time excited.  We have bought the house, and no matter what we have to deal with it.


maha said...

really this site is very scarry.... and interesting too...

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Shanis said...

I'm updating from time to time, and please feel free to follow along the way. There's more frightening stories in arrival!