Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Head smiling at the shoe racks

Before we bought the house, it was vacant for 13 years.  My neighbor said that he had spent the night in the house for the purpose of calling spirits - he wanted to buy the Magnum lottery numbers.  He dreamt that night, and in his dream...

At the backyard there were a wedded couple with white heads.  The husband sat on the ground and always pointing  to the south.  The wife sat at the doorway with a blade in her hand.  In front, a vague entity was standing just beside the wall to a bedroom.  Outside, a black spirit with fiery hair sat at the gateway waiting for passersby. 

In the bedroom, a young girl dressed in red is seen crawling on the walls.  And a head was smiling at the shoe racks at the entrance...

I was relieved because it was only a dream!

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