Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scary Ghost Stories 1

Scary ghost stories will haunt you after you finished reading.  If you are the type of person who likes to be scared, this is the right place for you.  If not, leave immediately because I'm afraid you can't take the shocking scary feeling that you will get as the impact from reading the stories... Make sure you are ready now because the story is going to start in the second paragraph.  If you are scared but still want to chill yourself with ghosts... find a friend to accompany you.  Let's get ready now... the story is going to start now!

Scary Ghost Stories 1:  Related by a student girl living in a hostel.  "This thing happened while I was in the third semester.  I was having a heavy menstrual, and I stayed back with other peers for our examination.  All juniors were back at home, enjoying their holiday.  Many beds were empty then.  That night, after studying last minute I found it hard to go to sleep.  It was past midnight, and I was really worried and anxious without knowing why.  I struggled to close my eyes, and after a difficult half an hour of twisting and turning I managed to drift off to sleep.  But...

"Just a few moments after a brief sleep, I was awaken by a strange, loud noise.  I've never heard such a weird sound before in my life.  Of all the scary ghost stories I've read before, this experience was extraordinarily different.  I tried to gain control of my courage, and I turned my head to search for the source of the noise.  I was terrified when I saw it.  It was very, very scary.  Helped by the dim light from the corridor outside my cube, I saw the head of a hideous ghost without a body, sitting at the bed opposite mine, and she was combing her long hair.  Her position was upside down, with her long hair reaching the ceiling.  I woke up a friend beside me, but she was sleeping like a corpse.

"This incident was not ordinary like other scary ghost stories.  The sound became really loud.  The creature continued combing her hair, and I was sure I saw those pair of red eyes looking my way.  I really didn't know what to do... so I hid myself under the blanket, and pressed my pillow against my ears to shut off the eerie sound.  It didn't work.  The noise became louder.  I read some of the versus to chase away ghosts, and five minutes afterward the sound gradually became slower and slower... and finally gone.  But I didn't dare to turn around.  Who knows, if suddenly the creature was already sitting in front of me, snarling and showing her sharp teeth?    I didn't want to even imagine that...

"I drifted off to sleep once again, mixed with fear and fatigue.  I woke up again by the first rise and shine sound of other students, walking and pacing along the corridor.  I got up from bed, and as I turned my head towards the wall, I saw a huge, long and ugly stretch of scratch marked the whole of the wall above my bed, and it originated from the place I put my head last night.

"Shocking.  That's the word I think most suitable to match how I felt that morning.  It is by far, going to be one of the scary ghost stories you will remember for a long time."

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Seeker said...

Your story is fucking great! Did you take a picture of the claw marks? I would find out if someone died in that room or building. Tell Me A Scary Story and upload your pictures or videos.