Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Screaming Vampire at the Deserted Lane on Your Way Home

It was difficult for Aaron at first to believe about scary ghost stories, spirits, supernatural, and so forth. Sometimes he protested when his friends told stories about strange happenings or mysterious occurrences. It was not because he was afraid but because he did not believe it.
But the incident three months ago had changed his perception. Finally he had to admit that the stories of horror, supernatural and spirits, do exist in this world. Indeed, the incident was so difficult for him to forget, and it was still fresh in his memory.
A very scary incident that occurred on a quiet lane located not far from the factory he was working made Aaron shiver every time he recalled it. Indeed, it was such a quiet lane but he had to pass through it each time he returned from work. But Aaron has been using the quiet alley for almost four years. He had never come across any strange creature or supernatural.
A lot of his friends have reminded him about the road though. Despite the horror stories he heard, even hundreds of advice has been received, but Aaron remained stubborn even though he knew the road is almost totally deserted.
Actually Aaron had no choice. The quiet lane is a shortcut for him, whether to go to work or to return home. Aaron worked as a journalist at a magazine publishing company. Because his working hours are not fixed sometimes he had to go home late at night due to the completed assignments he had. Sometimes he had to go through the lane even at two in the morning.
In the beginning the lonely path was not actually deserted because many factory workers were there since it is an industrial area. But since a year or two in recent years, factory workers rarely used the alley as the spread of the ghost stories and ghost vampires who resembles a small boy.
Even if people do not dare to use the quiet lanes, but still Aaron was stubborn enough. Until one night, after he completed his work, Aaron started his car and headed home. But on the way home before he reached the quiet lane, Aaron stopped at a food stall because he saw two of his friends, Shawn and Matt. They chatted until none of them remembered that the hour had been crawling pass midnight.
His watch showed that the time was already 12.45 am. It was a night with a full moon.  Matt and Shawn did not return through the quiet lane. Although invited by Aaron, Shawn and Matt still refused to drive through the alley. However, Aaron had no other choice. Whether he liked it or not, Aaron was forced to drive through the quiet lane.
On the way home, Aaron’s heart suddenly pounded hard. His eyes glanced to the right and left, watching the lane carefully. When he was halfway through, he snapped. A visible face of a woman appeared suddenly in front of him. Aaron paused. His thoughts and feelings began to recall what had been described by his colleagues. But Aaron strengthened his courage.
No longer able to keep being brave, Aaron opened his car door and ran outside.  But the woman followed her effortlessly.  When she became closer to him, his nose suddenly sniffed something so fragrant. He never smelled a fragrance that was so sweet. He couldn’t resist but to inhale deeply. It is impossible to ignore the temptation.  Aaron stopped running and stood still, as if in a trance.
Suddenly Aaron remembered where he was.  Quickly, Aaron covered his nose. He continued to run without caring whether the woman is in front of him or at the back. He bowed his
head down. He kept running faster and faster. But no matter how fast he ran, the stronger the scent pierced into his nostrils.
At that very moment the story about ghosts came to disturb his mind, and Aaron thought about his friends who had always been reminding him about it. One of his friends told him that if he noticed the smell of perfume, avoid inhaling the scent because it was actually coming from a vampire.  Remembered that, Aaron immediately held his breath for a moment.
All of a sudden the woman was in front of him.  She looked up to face Aaron. Aaron braved himself and threw back a fierce glare.  They locked eyes for a few seconds.  Aaron saw there was a peculiarity in her face. Her face was white, she had red lips and long hair past the shoulders.
All the hairs stood on Aaron’s body. He couldn’t move, he felt as if stiffed or held by something. He tried to move but not successful. His legs felt so heavy. His eyes continued to catch sight of her face that began to change. Starting with a smile her face turned into a ruffian. Teeth that were arranged prettily before suddenly turned into sharp jaws – she had obviously turned into the composition of a creepy monster.
Her hair was such a mess, followed by scary laughter that broke the quietness of the deserted lane. With a scary face, the woman approached Aaron. He tried to flee, but his legs was as if he was stepping on a road loaded with sticky glue. With all his might, he continued to struggle and finally he managed to scream as hard as he could, then fell down to worship the ground.
The following morning, Aaron was discovered by an elderly woman who happened to walk through the quiet lane. After getting help, Aaron was eventually sent home.  He was obviously still in a shock. Aaron described that the woman’s face turned blue - clearly Aaron was not excited at all about it.
Aaron stayed in bed with a high fever for three days and according to her mother, Aaron talked in his sleep.  It happened especially at around 1:00 or 2:00 am. Finally, to cure Aaron his mother called an expert on traditional medicine.
With God’s permission, he finally managed to heal even though it took a long time. Since the incident, Aaron always believed stories told by his colleagues. Aaron is now no longer using the quiet lane.

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