Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Power of Bismillah, Fatihah and Qursi

This is a story where a rented property is being haunted especially in the bedroom area.  Weird things would normally occur during midnight times, and various sounds were heard such as the door being scratched and the sounds of people walking all around the room.  Even the furniture in the home was moved around on its own.
There were three people living in the house.  They were a family – the father, mother and their daughter aged around five at that time.  The father had to leave his wife and daughter at his mother inlaw’s home when he was working night shift.  He was a security guard, so he couldn’t avoid from working night shift.
It has been known for long that the particular house was actually haunted.  People from the same neighbourhood told that nobody could actually stay very long in the house before moving out.  Once a family moved in and they could only manage to stay there for one night due to the disturbances from the ghosts in the house.  It was believed that the tree next to the house has often been the place where people perform spiritual ceremonies, and this is one of the main reasons why the house became haunted.
Some people claimed that they saw something sitting on one of the branches of the tree.  It looked like a shadow of a person.  The haunted house was at the corner lot, and the tree was actually a few metres from the house.
The ghost was said to enter the house as well and disturb the occupants.  It was obvious that he seemed determined to chase any occupants out of the house.  Some occupants were being strangled near to death.  Fortunately, after reading the Qursi versus the ghost was not able to continue on what he was doing.
One of the attempts to get rid of the ghost was by writing bismillahirrahmanirrahim on three pieces of paper.  One of the was placed at the front door while the second was placed at the back door.  The third paper was placed at the bedroom door.  The papers were not meant as the ultimate chaser for the ghost, and these were not considered as charms.  These papers were only used as an attempt to seek help from the almighty God.
The problem stopped for a while, and the occupants were pretty happy about it.  However, they were advised not to be totally content with what was happening because the devil always has a way to pay a revenge.  Devils are definitely clever, and when they feel threatened they will pretend that they no longer exist. 
The prediction turned out to be true.  After a month, the disturbances occurred again.  This time the devil acted harsher than before.  The whole family didn’t even dare to sleep in the house, so they had to spend the nights at the security post where the father (the head of the family) was working.

They called a religious person (ustaz) to help them.  The ustaz asked for a praying mat and he prayed in the house. He also asked for a jug of clean drinking water.  After performing solat hajat, he recited surah Fatihah and Qursi with certain countings and blew into the jug of water.  Then, he pleaded to God and asked for mercy so that the family could be hindered from the devil’s disturbances.

The water in the jug was utilized for drinking and some of it was added into the bathing water.  The remaining of the water was sprinkled around the home and the ustaz read the surah Fatihah and Qursi while doing it.
With God’s mercy now the family is no longer disturbed by ghosts.  Well.. everything actually happens for a reason.  As human being we are given the intelligence and energy to find ways of ridding such problems.   

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